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Unwanted hair

Another curse of getting older is the hair that pops up in unwanted places. I mean, it's not as if I didn't have enough unwanted body hair but jeez. I've talked about my foray into laser hair removal before. Let me give you an update on that since I posted it four years ago. I completed the New York treatment and I would say hair was 80% gone on my legs.

When I moved back to London, a new beauty salon opened opposite my house. Thank god it did. I am in there a lot, let me tell you. It's completely brilliant, small with two awesome therapists who just know what they're dong without it being all la de da intimidating.

I embarked on finishing the leg project with IPL treatment. I am including a link to explain IPL as it does it so much better than me. Good news: it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as the laser. Lovely cold gel is applied first and it's a breeze in comparison. Having said that, it's not pain-free and the longer you have it done (in one se…

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