Friday, 4 August 2017

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

I am returning to Clarins lately. I am not sure why I strayed to be honest because Clarins is consistently good with skincare. This cleansing gel is a dream, it removes all make-up easily without a hint of dryness and rinses off easily. Of course, it smells great too. My only gripe is the packaging, it always splodges out a little more than I need. This is irritating. Nonetheless, this is a great cleanser and I recommend it.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Charlotte Tilbury eye palette

Birthdays are the best. Especially when you have a sister that never says, oh but you're so hard to buy for, I never know what to get you blah blah blah. She sensibly reads this blog and takes notes.

And so we come to pass, a heavenly chorus sang and angels descended because this year she bought me this baby. The Rebel palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Just look at it. Green goodness in a sleek palette. Dreams are made of such palettes. I can report that it's marvellous. Each colour is coded and you are told what to do with them. You can wear a little in the day and build up for night or just slap a ton on and wear with attitude at 8am. The quality is very good, easy to apply, they stay put. It's all really rather fabulous.

Nobody needs another eye palette but nobody turns one down either. Lovely.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

St Tropez Express Sheet Mask

This self tan lark is such a bore isn't it? I bought these sheet masks a while ago but somehow couldn't find the time to apply it. The idea is you put on this sheet mask for 5, 10 or 15 minutes (depending on level of brown you want) and then rub in the excess and wait for it to develop.

Post holiday, I decided to give it a go. I left it on for five minutes. Let me be 100% clear about the results: I looked bright neon orange. It was fine to start with, I glowed gently after a few hours and thought, oh yes, this is great. I woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror and yelped. And I had to go to work.

I can't even begin to imagine what 15 minutes would look like. These are ridiculous and also, they leave you with a white neck because of the way they are designed. They have received rave reviews and I can't understand why. I am not the palest person to ever walk the earth, I am normal pale.

My strong advice is to avoid but if anyone wants to try it, I do have another one as they come in a pair.

Monday, 24 July 2017

CND Vinylux nail polish

We've not talked nails for a while. I have discovered CND Vinylux which lasts for a week with no chipping. And it really does. You don't need a base coat, you paint on two coats of the polish and the special top coat and bob is your uncle.

I had them done at the salon across the road from me and was so impressed that I invested in some colours myself. It's exactly the same as normal nail varnish in terms of application and it comes off with regular nail varnish remover. I don't know how it works but it does.

I bought these three colours from this site and am now cooling my heels before I start another obsession of buying 500 new colours.

Here are my nails in the blue which is exactly the same as the wondrous YSL blue. Disclaimer: these are done by the beauty therapist, not me. I am not that good.

If you find your nail varnish always chips no matter what you do, then give this a try.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Jo Malone

I have rediscovered my love for Jo Malone. I bought the Lime, Basil and Mandarin body and hand wash from someone off the internet for a tenner and have been loving it.

At the airport on my way to Mallorca I bought this.

Which is as lovely as it sounds. Fresh and perfect for a sunny holiday. Then CoverBoy rediscovered the Amber and Lavender cologne and yes, that's divine too.

Then I was shopping at the weekend to buy a leaving present for someone at work. She requested Jo Malone and frankly, who wouldn't? I found myself adding the Grapefruit body and hand wash to my basket for me.

The perfumes I consistently finish are Jo Malone. I mean, I wouldn't want to only have Jo Malone but they are always delicious.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof eyeliner

Two posts in one day - I spoil you! I have to tell you about this eyeliner. I bought it on a whim in a CVS in Boston last month and I think it's a winner.

I have it in Glossy Emerald and it's a divine colour. I have bad news, I don't think you can get this colour in the UK. In fact I am not entirely sure they sell this in the UK. The site is not very clear.

Anyway, it glides on and lasts for hours. I reckon it would last for days. It's quite disconcerting, it's not that easy to remove to be honest. But for a clear, non-smudgy line, it's one of the best eyeliners I've ever used. Tip, apply it and then leave your eyes closed until it sets (a few seconds maybe). Don't blink because then you get an attractive line on your upper lid. Maybe that's just me. I discovered this was the case after an evening out thinking I had smoking hot eyes. Yeah. No.

If you can find it in the UK, do let me know. If not, then I am sorry if I've created a burning desire in you that can't be sated.

Beauty Pie

Hello! I am back. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I've been sunning myself in the Med (dealing with carry on luggage only - a beauty junkie's nightmare).

Today we are talking about Beauty Pie. A new venture by the woman who is behind Bliss. It's a new approach to shopping for beauty. You pay £10 a month and then you can shop for products at factory prices. For someone like me (i.e famously befuddled by numbers) I found it quite hard to properly get my head round so let me explain what I have bought and how much it cost me, all in.

50ml of this serum cost £7.79. It's really good. It has a great texture, it sinks in, it smells good. I am already a big fan. People, we may have solved my serum needs.

A primer. £3.18. I have not tested this enough to give you a thorough review. I have post holiday tan which means I am not wearing foundation. However, I will say it's very heavily scented and it would be better not being very heavily scented. However, at this price, who cares if it's not a hit?

A lip set for £7.78. This I am very impressed with. First up my lip pencil had snapped off. I called customer service and a new one was despatched that day. Excellent response and makes me like them more. I now have two (I sharpened the broken one) and that's a jolly good thing because this is a revelation in lip pencil technology.  Every lip pencil I've used has been drying and tugs the lips. This glides on. It's magnificent. I absolutely love it. The lipstick is also a treat, very moisturising. The lip gloss is also good although I find lip glosses a bit sticky as a rule. Did I need any of these? No. But I am very glad I have them and the colours are gorgeous and very flattering.

Five minute facial - £5.86. I returned from my week on a boat with skin that needed a little TLC.  I put this on and it made everything better. Stick it on, wait five minutes, rinse it off. Glowy skin is yours. It gets great reviews and I can see why.

Having paid my fee of £29, this haul came to £60.12. I consider this very good value. However, if I want to order more (and I will be ordering more serum, I can tell you that right now), then I have to pay more money because you can't buy at the factory prices for a one off fee. I can see why, you could pay £29 for a year and then buy a ton of stuff and how would they make a profit? That isn't made as clear as it could be. Read more here. They also wildly over estimate how much each product would cost and make a big deal of the factory price. For example, they claim the serum would be £85. Maybe and I know plenty of serums that cost that much however, I am not sure this would.

I will certainly be buying again from Beauty Pie, I am very impressed with what I have and the lip liner is a game changer.

By the way, I am not paid a penny from any company to blog about products. I buy everything myself and am not affiliated with anyone. I have a day job and this blog is a hobby and always has been.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mary Greenwell Lemon perfume

I trust we all know who Mary Greenwell is? Legendary make-up artist that's who. She launched a perfume or two a few years ago and I love her for not launching a make-up line. I am not sure we need another make-up line, I can barely keep up with it now. But perfume, well, now she's playing to my deepest weak spot.

I bought this from someone on the internet and so it cost me less than half the price of retail for a full bottle. I highly recommend this internet lark you know. It's incredible what you can find out there. Given that I didn't have to pay full price, I felt fully justified in buying this because its been MONTHS since I had a new perfume. The description spoke to me: a fresh citrus floral with a soft chypre dry down. Hello my friend!

It's a very heavy bottle because the lid weighs a ton. Well, not literally but it's really heavy. Not sure why and I guess it's to feel luxurious but I find it ever so slightly annoying. However, this perfume is a dream. It's absolutely gorgeous. It feels refreshing and zesty as you spray and then settles into a much more interesting scent. How I adore a chypre scent. I knew I'd like this because I love Mitsouko and it's not a million miles from that.

I am in love and I like that it's not a typical scent which everyone will wear. I have a huge bottle so I fully expect to wear it on rotation for the summer and beyond.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Nail colour of the week

I am loving this colour: Meet My Decorator. It's from the OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's collection. I know I said I wasn't buying any more nail varnish but come on, I lasted until April. That's a good effort. I bought this at Dallas airport just because.

It's a perfect bright (but not neon) orange and just the colour for Spring.


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