Sunday, 19 June 2011

New nail varnish

Lately I have become obsessed with orange-coloured things. For example, I just bought an orange skirt. And a new orange skirt requires some new nail varnish, I think you'll all agree.

I was in Selfridges yesterday looking at their Opi colours but having just got the skirt, couldn't persuade myself to buy any. Of course by the time I had come home, I was convinced my life would not be complete without some Cajun Shrimp.

Then while I was browsing online (having put the shrimp in my basket), my eye was caught by Conga-line Coral.

And then I saw Red Hot Ayers Rock which was in the sale so I had to have it.

Colours of nail varnish online are hopeless. None of these look particularly orange but the first two definitely are. The last one is more red but I couldn't resist it.

I shall be watching my letterbox eagerly and reporting back.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Beauty birthday wish list

It's my birthday in a month or so and I thought I'd help my dear friends out by making a wish list. I do this because everyone is asking me what I want and I live in hope rather than expectation...

Dolce & Gabbana bronzer - I believe only Selfridges stock this and it may be sold out but I still really want this and can't justify buying it myself.

Hermes Voyage - I don't need more perfume but I want some.

Dior eye palette - also not needed but so very much wanted.

Ren Moroccan Rose Shower Gel - the best and always a treat.

Vouchers for Bliss Spa which I am dying to go to.

I'm running very low on Mitsouko which I mention fairly frequently. Guerlain divine perfume.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Diorskin Nude

I've been dying to blog about this; Diorskin Nude Healthy Glow Complexion Enhancer.  My friend suggested we buy it for a mutual friend's birthday. Shockingly I hadn't got it on my radar. We all have blind spots. I was intrigued and hot-footed it to Selfridges to purchase and was told they'd sold out. I worked my way down Oxford St department stores to be told at each one they'd sold out. One lady said 'oh we sold the last one an hour ago'. Like that makes one feel better.

By this time, not only was I late back to work but I really wanted it. Thank you John Lewis, we can always rely on you. Paolo told me he had just one left. Being the kind person I am, I bought it for my friend (Paolo gave me a generous sample - we're firm friends now).

I tried the sample and was more obsessed. But oh my word, this stuff is divine. It's the elixir of youth. No wonder it's sold out. If you see someone glowing, they are using this. And not telling you.

I trekked to Kings Rd, Peter Jones. They were bloody well sold out. I stomped. The woman gave me three samples. I'm good at getting samples.

But I had to have my own bottle. Yes, I was still determined my friend would get the one I have. I can report that House of Fraser at Westfield has it in. Run don't walk people. I have a bottle now and four samples to take travelling.

About the product. You can either wear it alone (after moisturising) or under foundation. I have taken to the following application in order: serum, Diorskin, VitaZing. People have to put their sunglasses on as I approach as I am blinding them with my dewy, translucent skin. Well, maybe not, but it is well worth getting some of this. If you can...

Happy Birthday Linz!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sad news

I love Essie's Bermuda Shorts. I wore it on my wedding day. It's my desert island nail varnish. And what have they done? They've changed it. It's a completely different colour. It's still nice but it's not special anymore. I shall be clinging on to every drop in my precious bottle.



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