Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nail colour of the week

I finally had a manicure yesterday, the first one of the year with my lovely lady. It's good to be back and to celebrate I chose a new colour, Essie Macks. What is that name about? What can it mean?

Anyway, this is a glossy, beautiful red and much less brown than the picture above might indicate. I am loving it.

Friday, 27 January 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres

I want this. A long lasting lip stain that is also glossy. I don't know how either, I am sceptical but one must investigate. Apparently a new movement in lip wear is born! Look.

I am going to Selfridges today so I shall enquire and play.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Nail varnish

I keep reading about this one - One Perfect Coral by Revlon. So last week I decided to buy it because I'd not bought anything for ooooh, days and days.

I can report that it's perfection. This is the ideal toe colour for summer (or winter but who sees your pedi in winter unless you live in the tropics?) It's really lovely and also looked nice on my fingers but I didn't keep it on for long as I had to go to a funeral and it felt a little frivolous.

I am struggling to write anything positive beauty-wise this January. The most positive thing I can say is it's nearly pay day and we're nearly past January. Hang in there people.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What do we need in 2012?

The year that it all ends according to the Mayans. I think we can all agree that we must make sure our hair and make-up is on trend just in case.

The Stylist is a great freebie magazine that comes out once a week. A very nice chap at work picks up a copy for us ladies each week and leaves them on our desks. I was perusing my copy in the bath earlier (with a fabulous new SpaceNK bubble bath) and they had Top 10 products for 2012. All are coming out this year.

Some caught my eye. Let's get to it.

MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel (£26) - released 2 Feb.

Water moisture gel. I am already drawn in. It sounds dewy and you know, I love the promise of dewiness.  "An ultra-light gel like cream" says the website. Not too eye-wateringly expensive. It's got to be worth a go.

Dior New Look Mascara (£23) - released 30 January

Royal Jelly. Black Glass Pigment.  Yadder, yadder. It's a new mascara and therefore, I am trying it.

London Addixtion Sprax Delight Texturising  Spray-Wax (£12.60) - released late April 2012

I cannot find anything online about this. It sounds great. Easy to apply, doesn't weight hair down, gives texture. If I can find it, I shall be investigating.

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum (£60) - released 16 January

Firstly, you can already get this at John Lewis so the 16 Jan release date is wrong. I've been reading quite a bit about this. I can't be arsed to repeat all the science guff, Nobel prizes and so on. It just sounds awesome and I want to try it.

January is all a bit blah isn't it? My advice is to have lots of indulgent bubble baths, drink wine (January detox has been scientifically proven to be a waste of time - yay!) and dream of holidays, I've already started planning mine...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Nail colour of the week

I've just done my nails and I am delighted with the result. Chinchilly with a layer of Shine of the Times over the top. It's a subtle shimmery grey as a result. Perfecto.

Aveda Air Control

I wrote about this when I blogged about my New York awesome blow dry. At the time, I didn't buy a large can due to a misguided attempt to be frugal. I had hoped Santa might pop some in my stocking but that didn't happen (although I am not complaining, I did very well!)

I do like the post-Christmas shop when you can go and buy the things on your wishlist that you didn't get. So far I have ordered the River Cottage veg cookbook and bought a can of this. And I got 10% off it at the mothership Peter Jones so it was worth the wait.

I adore this hairspray and urge you all to go and buy some. It's fantastic and smells delicious. It gives hold without any sticky, weighing down, plastic feel. I can't imagine anyone not getting on with it. It's my first recommendation of 2012 folks!

Happy new year and thank you for reading and commenting. Let's make 2012 count my friends and we'll wear Chanel lipstick as we do it.


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