Monday, 27 February 2012

Nail colour of the week

This week, Wife Goes On. You know, all these colours look the same online and this is described as a 'bold true red'. It's nothing of the sort, it's a pink with some coral undertones.

Anyway, it's lovely and again, I am ready for Spring!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Nail colour of the week

I'm over dark colours for a while, I've decided Spring is just around the corner and so today I went for E-Nuff is E-Nuff. Most ridiculous name but a divine, buoyant colour that put me in a good mood, considering it's a Monday.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

An accidental makeover

Yesterday I decided I needed a Friday post-work treat so I made for Selfridges to spend some remaining Birthday gift vouchers. What I was interested in was the YSL lip gloss/stick that I posted about in January. However, the lady could not have been less interested. I tried on two colours, both of which were a disaster, and she showed no interest in helping me find a colour that might suit me. So I decided that YSL were not deserving of my custom. The glosses are weird anyway and quite drying FYI.

I drifted over to the Bobbi Brown counter where yet again, I got sterling and amazing service. I am beginning to wonder why anyone would wear high-end make up that isn't Bobbi. The ladies are universally brilliant. I asked for a blue eyeliner (given my current obsession) and before I knew it I was on a chair having it applied. I said to Rebecca (lovely, check her out if you are in London Selfridges) that it was impossible to leave a makeover without spending £100. And so it came to pass. That's how good she was and that's what YSL missed out on.

To the goodies! Honestly, I could have spent £200. Everything she used was fab. I went in all faded and tired after a long week and within 20 mins I was looking radiant! Genius.

I bought a fabulous hydrating gel cream.

I instantly loved it and MAC was sold out of the moisture gel I had wanted to try. It sunk in perfectly and felt vital to my well being.

Then she put on a foundation after I said I never used foundation. I think she considered that a challenge.  It was this one.

It smelt heavenly and glided on. I didn't buy this as I simply couldn't justify it but I would have bought it if I didn't already have two lovely tinted moisturisers. It was excellent.

To my eyes. She used the long wear gel eyeliner in Denim Ink and then smudged it with an eyeshadow in Midnight. Using the ultra-fine brush. The look was a-mazing. Who knew it could look so awesome? Well, I did actually but I wasn't expecting it to look this good! I bought all three. 

Then she used a black mascara which was very nice too but I didn't get that as I have so much mascara and it didn't bowl me over.

A powder blusher which I am not used to but it was perfect. I didn't get it though.

I feel duty-bound to point out it was not this colour!

A divine lip balm and then creamy lip colour in Hibiscus and I was good to go. I can't believe I got the lip balm but really, it was so moisturising and yummy. And at that point I figured a new lipstick wouldn't hurt!

It was a spectacular makeover. I learned more about how to apply eye make-up. I had fun. I left feeling much better about life. Bobbi Brown rocks my world!

I think everyone should make an effort to have a makeover at least once a year because we all get in to habits and it's nice to refresh your look. You don't have to buy anything and she really put no pressure on me at all (although there is never any need to put pressure on me to spend money!) but you learn tips and it's just fun.

A most enjoyable way to start my weekend. Luckily I was going for dinner so it wasn't wasted!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Nail colour of the week

Essie's Chocolate Cake today. It's a brown and I rarely wear brown but it has red depth and I rather like it. I can't wait for sunshine and brighter colours though.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Navy blue eyeliner

I love the internet. One of my current obsessions is Pinterest. It's a virtual way to create moodboards and bookmark your favourite posts from websites by theme but it's so pretty as it creates a picture for your bookmark. Check it out at

There is no better way to waste half an hour of your time than browsing other people's posts and what I enjoy is that you find things you didn't even know you were looking for. Which is a long-winded way to introduce the fact that I now need navy blue eyeshadow. I saw this pin above and thought oooooh, nice!

I've long loved navy and do have some gorgeous blue eyeliners but they are not quite the right hue. So I followed this pin to this page. What an informative post. Not only does the blogger recreate the look and tell us every item she uses, it also lists what Mila wore and it turns out it's all Dior. Specifically this:

I was adoring Dior eye palettes in Dec 2010. If I hadn't just got the Urban Decay set, I'd be hot footing it to get this but no, I mustn't. I shall find a cheaper alternative, I only need the navy hue anyway.

Isn't it such a divine look?

Not sure about the lashes but I am just loving that blue. And she has similar coloured eyes to me so obviously I would look just like her!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Sometimes you just need to buy something you know you don't need. And so it came to pass this week. I kept reading about how fabulous the Urban Decay Naked palette was and I thought, no, no, I never use make up sets. However in a moment of weakness, I bought it and it arrived yesterday.

I have immediately changed my mind. Of course I need this, hell everyone needs this. How have I lived without it? Have I been going round with sub-standard eye make-up? It's a set of perfect, delectable colours that all go with each other. As it is Urban Decay, the pigments are spot-on, the application is easy and frankly, you could chuck away all the eye make-up you own and go with this. Why you'd do that is anyone's guess as any fool knows, you can never have enough eye shadow.

It's £35 which I think is a bargain. You get some of the primer too in a dinky travel-size. It comes in a velvet case and you can have hours of fun playing with all the colours. Also, there is a Naked 2 palette out so, you know, if you get bored with this one, you can buy that one too!



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